President Message

I am humbled to accept the role of President of the Young Physician Section of AAPI (YPS).  It is important to begin by recognizing the exemplary work done by prior leadership for their notable accomplishments and contributions to YPS.  As I embark on this journey, I look forward to working with my esteemed colleagues on the YPS Executive Committee to further the goals of YPS.  Specifically, we plan to enhance value to our constituents while also increasing membership to sustain the future of AAPI.  In what will be an unprecedented year for all physicians, YPS plans to bring awareness to the needs of our communities while also showcasing the tremendous work of our constituent members.  We plan to leverage our networks and work with national AAPI to organize webinars with well-credentialed industry experts to assure that the community and physicians from all over the country benefit from the wealth of information that AAPI has to offer.  Indeed, we hope to increase YPS’s visibility and value throughout the nation.  I thank you for the distinct privilege to continue this great work and promote the vital objectives of YPS.    

Ami Baxi, MD
President, AAPI Young Physicians Section 

AAPI Headquarters


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